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Why choose our company to clean your air ducts? Simple, we have years in the cleaning and ducting business. All we do is water damage, furniture air duct and carpet cleaning. We have the expertise & license to clean not only your duct system but your entire carpet, furniture, and rugs as well. Beware of the carpet cleaner that is suddenly offering duct cleaning for cheaper than it should be. They use nothing more than a shop vac. to “clean” your ducts.

After a thorough duct cleaning we offer the option of an anti microbial treatment for your duct system. This is Anti microbial and Oxine® Sanitizer that is EPA registered for use in HVAC systems and air ducts. This anti microbial solution will deter any re-occurrence of microbial growth for up to 6 months.

Our reliable and very trustworthy company keeps your household clean and healthy. We do everything efficiently. By cleaning the air ducts in your home you are removing the dust and debris that clog up air conditioning coils. By keeping the air conditioning coils clean you can save money and cooling costs and make it easier for your system to cool your home efficiently and effectively. You can save money with our company, and you can rest assure that we will do everything to your standards and provide you with only the most exceptional service.

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When you contact us for a carpet cleaning appointment, we will do a full inspection for free. We then proceed to perform the cleaning per your request. If you wish to steam clean the carpet without any special treatments, we will do exactly that. However, if you wish to proceed with our technician’s recommendations and add additional treatments for a complete carpet cleaning job, we will review all your options with you and explain the procedures and benefits of each treatment you opt to perform.

At our cleaning services we set exact appointment times because we know your time is valuable. Next day and even same day appointments are available most days. We offer a free in home evaluation and quotation for homeowners. All workmanship is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. Each customer receives our famous 1 Year Return Visit Warranty Service included with every carpet we clean! Your manufacturer's warranty could become void! Insist on our air duct, carpet, furniture cleaning and hot water extraction methodology and a reputable company.

We pick up and deliver all the rugs that we clean. For multiple years we have cleaned all rugs by hand ensuring the beauty of these finely woven works of art. At our cleaning company we carefully hand wash your Oriental rugs. We know that quick submersion in strong cleaning solutions can damage delicate weaving in rugs and result in dye bleeding, migration, and fading. Therefore, our professional crew always cleans rugs by hand, using gentle cleansers that are pH balanced and have a sweet citrus smell. To ensure the best results, our Oriental rug cleaning process involves a series of steps. Rugs are never submerged into large vats of liquid.

We arrive prepared to handle any water damage restoration in Cypress, TX or sewage damage situation no matter how big or small. We also work directly with your insurance company to address any concerns. Our business in Cypress TX provides a state-of-the-art dehumidifiers is designed to dry the entire structure efficiently by lowering the humidity and providing optimum drying conditions. We provide A state-of-the-art dehumidifiers is designed to dry the entire structure efficiently by lowering the humidity and providing optimum drying conditions.

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Our cleaning company in Cypress, TX provides thorough extraction from carpet and pad with weighted extraction tools assures that drying of carpet material will be quick and efficient. We have methods that will keep the air flow moving while carrying the moisture to the dehumidifier to remove it from the effected structure. Don't wait any longer when it comes to water damage in your home, for an issue like these needs to be fixed and attended to immediately to assure that no further future damage is made. For all household cleaning issues, call our company today!