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air duct cleaning Richmond

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air duct cleaning Richmond tx

Each visit through our company is backed by our 100% Clean Carpet, Air Duct, and Furniture Guarantee. We guarantee to clean your house to your complete satisfaction, or we will return and re-clean at no cost. Contact us within 30 days of your cleaning, if you are not satisfied. You can have us back to clean as many times as you want at just a fraction of the cost with the use of our cleaning warranty.

We are your best deal in and around your city, because we get the job done reliably and for an affordable price! Find out how you can get your cleaning warranty today. There are a few types of carpet stains that may need extra, extensive treatments like heat transfer methods. These stains include: Red stains, wax stains, dye stains from items that might include but are not limited to: ink, nail polish, hair dye and paint. Read on for more information on your carpets, air ducts, and furniture.

When carpet repairs are necessary, there are three scenarios that signify to us that a carpet repair may be necessary: 1. Bleach stains, as these are irreversible without re-dying processes. 2. Stains that return after an effective carpet cleaning. This type of stain is considered a "re-appearing stain" because it indicates that the stain resides in the carpet padding and is resurfacing. 3. Odor remediation, as pet odors generally affect all three layers - carpet, padding, and sub floor- requiring various forms of treatment.

When some stains or pet odors reappear we offer a fantastic Pet stain and Odor Removal Plan that allows us to apply your incurred costs of surface cleaning (phase one), toward the phase two and/or phase three cleaning process, where we treat the underlying padding and sub floor. And, if you ever have a problem with your service, call us right away! We hate to have an unsatisfied customer and we'll do everything we can to correct the problem and make it right.

We pick up and deliver all the rugs that we clean. For multiple years we have cleaned all rugs by hand ensuring the beauty of these finely woven works of art. At our cleaning company we carefully hand wash your Oriental rugs. We know that quick submersion in strong cleaning solutions can damage delicate weaving in rugs and result in dye bleeding, migration, and fading. Therefore, our professional crew always cleans rugs by hand, using gentle cleansers that are pH balanced and have a sweet citrus smell. To ensure the best results, our Oriental rug cleaning process involves a series of steps. Rugs are never submerged into large vats of liquid.

No one loves your furniture the way you do. Here at our furniture cleaning company, we understand how long it took you to pick out your sofa, or how attached you are to your leather recliner. We want to help you extend the life of your furniture, and keep it beautiful for a long time to come. That's why we don’t just clean surface stains. We clean deep down below the surface to wash away harsh, damage-causing particles. Left alone, those particles would rub their rough edges against the delicate fabric, cutting and damaging it. Invest in a long life for your furniture.

Our water damage recovery technicians are your most trusted. We are the premier water, fire, smoke cleanup recovery company in the entire Cypress area. We service Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Houston and Katy Texas and many other surrounding cities! We have 24 hour emergency service. We are fast and complete. No details are left out. When we leave the job is done. No chance for mold to return endangering your health. We are your best most reliable source for water damage or smoke damage recovery. Total Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Worried that you might need duct cleaning? Give us a call for a free duct system evaluation. If your ducts do need cleaning we will present you with a written estimate to clean your entire system. And if they don’t need cleaning we will be honest enough to let you know! As your air conditioning and heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether. At our cleaning company we provide the highest level of quality in all jobs that we do, and all jobs are performed by highly-experienced technicians you can trust. So what are you waiting for, call us today!